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An Odyssey Theory

Why is Whit timeless? How does he not age? Here’s a theory I have. Probably most of you know about the Imagination Station. It’s a place where kids can experience the past. But what if that wasn’t the only reason why Whit created it? What if what Whit created was a Time machine? That’s how Whit is timeless! He does it so that he can run Whit’s End for ever! There is a flaw with this theory though. If it’s a time machine, then Whit could only experience things that happened, unless he programmed it somehow to never age. Or maybe he’ll just live to be 423 years old.

But hey, that’s just a theory.

An Odyssey theory!


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3 thoughts on “An Odyssey Theory

  1. Whit will never die. He is eternal. And if he does, then Jason shall take his place, and become the new “Whit”. And then it will repeat, and repeat, and repeat. But you have to realize that there are two timelines in Odyssey. The main characters, and everyone else.


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