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Spoiler warning for Further From the Truth! Don’t read it you don’t want to be spoiled!!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaat just happened. FFTT… What????? Garrett, if your reading this, you were partly right about the next one being a fake mystery. It wasn’t quite the same so, at least that makes it a bit better. When I started to listen to it, first I was disappointed that there wasn’t a parental warning. The episode was fine, and got even more hype when they said Matthew was being held by that guy in A Sacrificial Escape. I was worried that it was a fake mystery, and I was right. The mystery was to reunite Matthew and Emily. Before the, I guess it was an Imagination Station adventure ended, it was revealed that it was a fake mystery, and I was like, no no nonononononononononon no no please no. Then I got so confused when Emily said end adventure, and talked about how the mystery was strange. Also Lee, from AIO Audio News, if you’re reading this, then was this the mystery that was stated in the description of that album? The fake mystery? Any ways, I was so confused at this point. Also, wasn’t the scene where Morrie said he was good with numbers in the program? Maybe he put that there to lead Emily to connect him with the voice while the Chairman will be doing those evil deeds?!? OK, I’m going on speculations now. After the adventure ended, it showed the source of the adventure. When I heard about it, my first thoughts were on Novacom. And then came the scene with Morrie and Suzu! This did nothing to advance the plot! I feel this whole episode didn’t really advance the plot either! The Odyssey team could of made Mr. Whittaker change the audio and find it was Morrie to move the plot along! I’ve been waiting for this episode for a few months, and then it was put at the end of the album!!! And then it gave us this! If they put this episode as the first one, and then put a more substantial one at the end, I’d be a lot happier. But alas, this episode didn’t live up to my expectations. You can be sure of more speculations coming up. How did you like the episode? I got to go listen to it again and make more speculations

Signed, disappointed


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11 thoughts on “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    I thought the episode was actually reaaally good. Had it have been a regular fake mystery, then I would have been disappointed. But because it was an Imagination Station that Morrie programmed and planned, it made it a million times more fascinating. There could be clues embedded in the program that we haven’t even recognized yet. I will argue that the plot was advanced greatly! Emily and Whit know Morrie is behind everything now!

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      1. Hehe I think so. 😛 I think one of the key factors of enjoying an episode is going in with low expectations, which was what I did.
        Also, this episode does not disprove the Chairman theory! In fact, it could potentially support it in the future.

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  2. I won’t even be surprised if we find out the Chairman is involved with Morrie’s schemes. How on earth did Emily have an Imagination Station adventure without even being in it?!! From the episode, it sounded like the IS technology that had been lying around in the kitchen somehow affected Emily and controlled her mind. Mind control?! Maybe I just need more clarification on the logistics of the IS technology.


    1. Oh my goodness! I suppose so! I love your name. I have commented once or twice on AIO blogs. I will start going by ‘Marisa M.’ to avoid confusion
      -Marisa M.

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