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What’s in store for Morrie?

What’s up? Today I’ll be theorizing about the future of the Rydell saga! Tell me if you’d love this to happen

Next album, a three part ending the first part of the saga. Morrie goes to jail.

Album 70, a single episode about the aftermath of the first part, and the realization that someone is behind Morrie

Album 71, three single episodes trying to find who is behind him

Album 72, All episodes are dedicated to this saga, Morrie escapes and the Chairman comes

Album 73, The climatic Six part ending to the saga. The Chairman goes to jail, but Morrie escapes.

So, what do you think?

Signed, speculating


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47 thoughts on “What’s in store for Morrie?

      1. It’s never enough!! But sadly maybe it is…. They wanted justice to be served and said they didn’t want to represent evil as always living on and good never winning over it.

        But maybe just… one…. more… Blackgaard… arc? Odyssey team? Please?

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      2. I know Blackgaard HAD to be behind Novacom, if indirectly. He left his virtual self in the IS, so Novacom could have still had a program with him telling them what to do and yelling at them that he needed bugs like they were if he was going to take over this town – no, this time: the world. And now Morrie is typing to a virtual Blackgaard (Secret of the Writer’s Ruse). I’ll have to make a post of this on aiopinions

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      3. I just hope my boat is not the Titanic. Unsinkable part two soon! Anyways, yeah, you can make the first draft. Please notice me when you’re finished I’ll take a note in my notebook and hopefully notice it.

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