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More news! (I probably have so many posts that say that)

Alright ya’ll! I have more information about the up coming Morrie episode!

Nathan Hoobler told me this,

We are in the midst of outlining and (very soon) scripting the next episodes in the Morrie saga. It’s fair enough to say that things will be coming to a sort of conclusion / sort of revelation in the next Morrie episode (or episodes) after “Further from the Truth.”

And then in reply to me asking if the next episode will be a multi parter.

Anything is possible – that is probable.

Ok, ok, I think my dreams are like being fulfilled right now. Probably a multi parter!?! And the first episode in album 68 is a Rydell episode!!!

signed, even more hyped


I love Adventures in Odyssey, love Odyssey blogs, love cats, love piano, love Warrior Cat books, Love family trees, and love working on my blog!

8 thoughts on “More news! (I probably have so many posts that say that)

      1. I saw that you already started writing a post. You can keep doing your own thing, or you can react and find the flaws in the two theories I have posted so far. (the separate Blackgaard alive and behind Novacom theories)

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