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Um, I might be late on this

Hi Y’all.



I may have not covered some descriptions of upcoming Club episodes.

I’m sorry.

Anyways, here they are!

#1: Millstones. Mr. Whittaker uses the Room of Consequence to set up ethical challenges to help young people calibrate their moral compasses. Is it just me, or do you think Eugene wrote this episode? Also it uses Mr. Whittaker and not Whit.

#2: Cars, Trains and Motorcycles. Whit, Connie, Eugene and Wooton head to Chicago . What’s their mission? Who’s driving? And why is Whit … loopy?

#3: Bridget, Redefined. Bridget Perkins gets tired of people treating her differently just because her military dad is deployed.

#4: The Martyr and the Rooster: When Cooper Calhoun’s buddies find him carrying a Bible, he brushes it off, afraid to let on that he’s a Christian. It leads to a conversation with Pastor Wilson Knox, who tells him about a similar event that occurred during an uprising at San Wing prison camp.

#5: The Forever Gift. Penny returns to Pittsburgh, where she grew up, only to discover that a lot has changed — while some things never do.

“The Forever Gift” Cast and Crew

#6: Teach a Man. While on a missions trip to Honduras,Whit gives Jay and Zoe an assignment: show young people how to shoot and edit movies on a tablet. This is interesting…

#7: Jumping Off, Jumping In. This and the ones under here will be released 2021, a YEAR or more from now. Wyatt starts taking silly risks, like eating hot chips, leaping from sheds, and venturing into the lair of a ravenous beast. Is Jay putting him up to it … or is it tied to something that happened to his sister?

#8: Auto Response. No summery

“Auto Response” Cast

#9: Untitled Calhoun Episode

Signed, Can’t the Rydell Revelations be released now?


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