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Episode Summaries and Club News

The episode summaries, along with the actual full episodes, for The Team and Please Adjust Your Frequency have been released on the Adventures in Odyssey Club.

When Emily Jones discovers that Cooper Calhoun is being blackmailed by a faceless hacker, she reluctantly recruits two people who she knows could help – Morrie and Suzu Rydell.

The Team

Buddy Norman, Zoe Grant, and Jay Smouse create a radio play for a school project, but each of them has a wildly different idea about how the story should end.

Please Adjust Your Frequency

In other news, a new mini devotional has been released on the Adventures in Odyssey Club. I goes along with the episodes in the special collection “Camp on It” and is titled Full Speed Ahead!.

With guidance from Whit and the gang, you’ll learn about repentance, prayer, Bible study, the resurrection, God’s will, and a whole lot more. 

AIOC Blog Post

In more Club releases, a small colouring book going with the “Fruit of the Spirit” collection has been released on the AIOC Blog. It features colour-in versions of Club episode artwork, as well as a colouring sheet based on the cover of the “The Blackgaard Chronicles” compilation album and some art never before seen on album covers.

yay, I’ve reached day 30 of consecutive posts on Adventures in Opinions!


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