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I am not dead!

Don't worry. This blog is not dead yet. I have some news! The World of Whitonia will be the next club adventure! Go look on AIO Wiki for more details. Peace out 🐺

Club, Episodes, Season 6

All for the Guest Released!

The episode All for the Guest is released! I'm not a huge fan of the art, but it's ok. I haven't finished listening to the episode yet. Also, isn't Penny allergic to salmon? Someone on the Club asked that question. Is it a mistake? Peace out ✌

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A Look Into the Future

Hey Y'all! Sorry for not posting in a few days, I've been lazy. Anywho, today we're going to look into what will be in the club soon! First, All for the Guest will be the episode in the club being released on July 1st. Secondly, For God and Country will be released on July 5th.… Continue reading A Look Into the Future

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“Take Every Thought Captive” Released!

"Take Every Thought Captive" is released on the Club! I haven't listened to it yet, but I will soon! Here's the cover art. The cover art has signs saying "It's all about me", and "Fashion is everything". There are other signs too. I can see why this is in Valerie's mind. Edit: I listened to… Continue reading “Take Every Thought Captive” Released!

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“Take Every Thought Captive”

If you don't know already, the episode "Take Every Thought Captive" will be the next club episode. (I think). I'm looking forward to listening to this. Does anyone have theories about it? Peace out ✌

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Information Speculation (hey, that rhyms!)

In some of my recent posts I've shown some new information I've gotten from Bob Hoose and Nathan Hoobler. So you might be asking, "what's this post for then?" Well, in this post I'll put all the information in simple form, and then speculate! (On some). Morrie will appear in "Further From the Truth" Awesome!… Continue reading Information Speculation (hey, that rhyms!)

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More Information Again!

So, I emailed Bob Hoose and got some imformation, but the last part is the main point of interest. Here's what he said. (Oh, and by the way, the words that are italicized are my words, not Bob's). I’d be happy to answer some of your pressing questions. The operating word being … some. 😉 First of… Continue reading More Information Again!

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More Information!

Hey y'all! I emailed Nathan Hoobler and asked him some questions. Here are the questions and answers. Q: Does the team have any compilation albums that they're making? A: You’re probably aware of the “Camp on It” album. I think that’s the only compilation in the works for 2019, but I’m sure there will be… Continue reading More Information!

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New Episode in the Club

Source: May 2019 Clubhouse Magazine. The tittle for the May 2019 episode has been released. It's called "Rumplestiltskin." This is a short post... Peace out ✌