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“The Christmas Bells”

A episode titled “The Christmas Bells” will be released in 2021. I’m assuming it will be released in December in the Club. That’s nearly 2022! A long way off. Here’s some more info:

Characters: Wilson Knox

Date Recorded: July 31, 2020

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Search for a Sunflower

“Search for a sunflower ” Will be an episode written by Abigail Geiger, and will release in 2021. From what can be seen on the script, it says “Connie and Penny are setting up for the…” . The episode involves Don Polehaus, Connie Kendall, and Penny Bassett. My theory is that a painting called “The sunflower” goes missing. That’s where Polehaus comes in. Thanks to Carl and Jay Smouse for finding what some of the words say. Anyways, I hope to be posting more often!

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