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Quick News

Happy 2020! Wow. I kike the sound of it. 2020. Today I have some news for you, but just for fun, I’ll wright it backwards. 😛

erehT si gniog ot eb a wen edosipe ni ehw !bulc s’tI dellac eht reveroF tfiG. Ti sekat ecalp edistuo fo yessydO. enO fo eht srotca si miT divaD leahciM.

Ok, Enough of that. In other news, in the next few albums, the Rydell Saga will be coming to a close, or at least we will know the answers to are pressing questions about Morrie. It doesn’t mean we wont see Morrie after that…

Also the episode Unsinkable part 1 has been released! I haven’t finished listening to it yet, but be looking forward to my review of it!

Also, shout out to all the people who has given me support on this blog. You guys are awesome!

Signed, weird person blogging