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Don’t worry. This blog is not dead yet. I have some news! The World of Whitonia will be the next club adventure! Go look on AIO Wiki for more details.

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Oops… Late Post

Sorry for not posting in a while. Anyways, I just took a voice acting camp! Also, more episodes in Album 67 have been released! What was you’re favorite? The next one is “A Sacrificial Escape” is the next one! I’m very exited!

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Information Speculation (hey, that rhyms!)

In some of my recent posts I’ve shown some new information I’ve gotten from Bob Hoose and Nathan Hoobler. So you might be asking, “what’s this post for then?” Well, in this post I’ll put all the information in simple form, and then speculate! (On some).

  • Morrie will appear in “Further From the Truth” Awesome! I’m glad that they’re not waiting another album until he appears again. The title says “Further From the Truth,” so I’m wondering, is Morrie going to start to lie, and lead the people of Odyssey to trust him?
  • “The Morning Star” will be released in 2019. I’m guessing that this will be a Christmas episode.
  • “Breaking News” will be released in 2020.
  • The 900th episode will probably be recorded in January of the schedule goes as planned.
  • “Further From the Truth” follows the episode “A Sacrificial Escape”
  • Bob Hoose said this. if I were sitting down with a real live Morrie to, say, break a bit of bread, and I brought up the Latin phrase “Ignoratio Elenchi,” he would know my meaning. He might even smile, before diving back into his soup. Yikes. What speculations do you guys have about it?
  • The last episode of album 68 will record in July.
  • Four episodes have been recorded so far as of today (I think?).
  • There will be an episode with the word “Wise” in it. I’m thinking it might have to do with Penny because (a) past episode(s) with her had that word in it.

What are your speculations? “Ignoratio Elenchi” is curious, don’t you think?

well, that’s all for now.

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More Information Again!

So, I emailed Bob Hoose and got some imformation, but the last part is the main point of interest. Here’s what he said. (Oh, and by the way, the words that are italicized are my words, not Bob’s).

I’d be happy to answer some of your pressing questions. The operating word being … some. 😉

First of all, yep, Morrie will be in Album 68 and will appear in the episode “Further from the Truth.”

Secondly, “The Morning Star” will release in 2019. “Breaking News” will be in 2020. And if our schedule continues as planned, we’ll likely record episode #900 in January.

“Can you give us any more information about Further From the Truth?”  Uh, I can say that this episode doesn’t release until early next year. And of course, I don’t want to spoil anything, but it is fair to say that it follows the episode “A Sacrificial Escape.”

OK. Now here’s the interesting part.

How does it follow? How does it involve Morrie? Does it connect Morrie in any way to any thing? And for that matter, can I give you any more “hints” about Morrie?

Well, those questions are quite another kettle of fish, aren’t they? How about if I say this, if I were sitting down with a real live Morrie to, say, break a bit of bread, and I brought up the Latin phrase “Ignoratio Elenchi,” he would know my meaning. He might even smile, before diving back into his soup.

That’s as much as I’ll say.

OK, now here’s my thoughts.

Wow. OK, let’s try to understand that more. “Ignoratio Elenchi” means irrelevant conclusion within an argument. So what could this mean? What do y’all think? Tell me in the comments down below, and meanwhile, I’ll be trying to decipher it myself.

Peace out ✌

A Look Into the Future 🕑

Welcome to a time machine, and this time were going into the Future!

SPOILER ALERT! If you enter further, you will know things that are going to happen and be released, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, then I recommend to avoid this post post haste.

OK. I think we’re good.


1: 867: Take Every Thought Captive. Whit sends Valerie Swanson on an adventure inside her own mind. This episode was recorded on July 23, 2018 and will be released on June 1, 2019 in the Club. It’s written be Sam Suksiri, directed be Nathan Hoobler, and engineered by Jonathan Crowe. Valerie Swanson, John Whittaker, an unknown character voiced by Will Ryan, Missing Thought, Dekker, and another unknown voiced by Keith Ferguson.

2: 868: ???: It will be released in the club on July 1, 2019.

3: 869: B-TV: Idolatry. It’s written by Sam Suksiri, directed by Phil Lollar, post-production by Nathan Jones and Christopher Diehl, and engineered by Nathan Jones. This episode was recorded on October 24, 2017 and will be released in the Club on August 1, 2019. The characters in this episode are Connie Kendall, Harrison Jones, Guy, Madge, Eugene Meltsner, and John Whittaker.

4: 870: ???. It will be released on the club in September 1, 2019.

5: 871: Icky, Kat, Balty, and Bones. Another Odyssey musical begins at the Riley-Clemmens Apple farm. This episode was recorded on January 30, 2019 and will be released on the Club on October 1, 2019. It’s written and directed by Phil Lollar and the songs are by Phil Lollar and Will Ryan. The characters are John Whittaker, Wilson Knox, Jules Kendall, Lena Westcott and Teena Westcott.

6: 872: ???. It will be released on the Club on November 1, 2019.

7: 873: ???. It will be released on the Club on December 1, 2019.

I may add more in the future.

More Information!

Hey y’all! I emailed Nathan Hoobler and asked him some questions. Here are the questions and answers.

Q: Does the team have any compilation albums that they’re making?

A: You’re probably aware of the “Camp on It” album. I think that’s the only compilation in the works for 2019, but I’m sure there will be albums after that.

Q: Do you know the name of album 68 yet?

A: No. The last of the Album 68 shows don’t record until July, so I doubt we’d be announcing a title much before that.

Q: Do you have the titles for the other three episodes in Album 68? (Not Breaking News, Further From the Truth, or The Morning Star

A: In fact, “The Morning Star” and “Breaking News” are both Club stories and will not be included in Album 68. We’ve moved recordings around a few times this year and we haven’t done it the way that we usually do. But I can say that we’ll see an episode with the word “Wise” in it for Album 68.

Q: Do any of the episodes in Album 68 have descriptions yet?

A: I haven’t written any up yet, so no. 😉 Four of them have been recorded, though.

OK. Let’s review and speculate.

1: Camp on It is probably the only compilation album in 2019. Nothing really t say here.

2: The last episodes of album 68 will record in July. OK.

3: “Breaking News” and “The Morning Star” are club episodes. Okay.

4: There will be a n episode with the word “Wise” in it. Maybe it’s an episode with Penny in it. That was her last name.

5: Four episodes have been recorded in album 68 so far. Alright.

Alrighty. What are some of your speculations or thoughts on album 68?

Peace out ✌

All Titles in Album 67 Revealed!

All of the titles in Album 67 have been released! Yay!!!

1: 874: Rightly Dividing. Pastor Knox becomes concerned about Camila’s fiery prayer for her soccer team’s victory and Declan consults Lou for advice on dealing with a bully at school.

2: 875: Man of the House. Wyatt takes it upon himself to start fixing things around the house – including a washing machine. Meanwhile, David decides it’s time to take Matthew on a camping trip to teach him to be a man.

3: 876: Page from the Playbook. As the Odyssey High School Football team heads toward the state championship, wide receiver Buck Oliver and quarterback Cooper Calhoun have to deal with unexpected challenges from May Smouse – who’s trying to sell team memorabilia – and their new assistant coach… Eugene Meltsner.

4: 877: A Sacrificial Escape. Emily and Matthew are trapped inside an unfinished escape room in the basement of Whit’s End. A mysterious voice insists that the two of them must play a game called “Search for Your Life” to get out.

5: 878: Nightmares by Constance, Part 1. Two days before a Dreams by Constance wedding,the grandmother of the bride approaches Connie with a proposal. She’ll pay her double if she breaks up the ceremony.

6: 879: Nightmares by Constance, Part 2. Connie, Jason, Jillian, and Detective Polehaus continue their investigation of the suspicious groom and discover that his – and his whole family’s – last is more complicated then they could of imagined.

The Sarah Keimig episode is Rightly Dividing just so everyone knows.

Peace out ✌