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I could not be happier!!! The first two episodes in album 68 will be Rydell episodes!!! I think it will be a two parter. I am so happy right now. Also, they will be episodes 898 and 899!!! That makes it more epic. I’d say it will be the ending to the first part of the Rydell saga.

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More news! (I probably have so many posts that say that)

Alright ya’ll! I have more information about the up coming Morrie episode!

Nathan Hoobler told me this,

We are in the midst of outlining and (very soon) scripting the next episodes in the Morrie saga. It’s fair enough to say that things will be coming to a sort of conclusion / sort of revelation in the next Morrie episode (or episodes) after “Further from the Truth.”

And then in reply to me asking if the next episode will be a multi parter.

Anything is possible – that is probable.

Ok, ok, I think my dreams are like being fulfilled right now. Probably a multi parter!?! And the first episode in album 68 is a Rydell episode!!!

signed, even more hyped

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News again, News again.

Ok, so there is more news! A new episode to be released in 2021 is called Auto Response. It’s written by Phil Lollar. There are two characters known so far. Detective Polehaus and someone or thing called Dispatch. Unsinkable part two has a cover, but I can’t find one online. Ok, let’s talk about Auto Response. I think it may be a Rydell saga episode, but there’s not much proof. All the Rydell episodes have been written be Bob Hoose, so I don’t think so. I just thought of this, but maybe it’s another Twilife zone episode! That would be absolutely amazing!

signed, getting hyped

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Veeeeeeeeery quick news

Ok, the first episode in album 69 will pick up where FFTT left off! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Ok, I gtg to youth group now! More speculations later.

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Notice: thank you for noticing this notice your noticing has been noted in my notebook. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that there is a chat if you want to, well, chat about odyssey!

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Please help

Hey, so today, I want to talk about this blog. I have been trying to put out posts more often, and because in the past I’ve taken breaks, I feel like I’ve lost the people who in the past have commented. It’s the Odyssey community that keeps this blog running, and I want it to! You could help by re blogging this post. It’s fine if you don’t, but it would help this blog. I just want to say, thank you to everyone who has supported this blog. I’ve been doing this for almost a year and I’d like to keep you up to date with the latest Odyssey news!

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What’s in store for Morrie?

What’s up? Today I’ll be theorizing about the future of the Rydell saga! Tell me if you’d love this to happen

Next album, a three part ending the first part of the saga. Morrie goes to jail.

Album 70, a single episode about the aftermath of the first part, and the realization that someone is behind Morrie

Album 71, three single episodes trying to find who is behind him

Album 72, All episodes are dedicated to this saga, Morrie escapes and the Chairman comes

Album 73, The climatic Six part ending to the saga. The Chairman goes to jail, but Morrie escapes.

So, what do you think?

Signed, speculating

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The Man of the Chairs

Before we start this I just want to say, Odyssey, please please please please please don’t make the next Rydell episode another fake mystery. Also, spoiler warning for Further From the Truth! So, lets get down to the real enchilada of this post. I’ll be talking about the man of the chairs himself, the Chairman! For the past week or so, the Odyssey community (including myself) have been speculating that the Chairman is the mastermind behind Morrie Rydell, and today I’m going to be trying to prove this theory as much as I can. Lets start with stuff that points Morrie having a mastermind behind him in the first place. At the end of the episode The Secret of the Writers Ruse, Morrie is typing. It’s not clear to who, but two viable options are that he has a diary or journal, or that he’s typing to someone, and that someone may be the one behind him. Now lets talk about why the Chairman specifically would be the brains of this new arc. Lee from AIO Audio news said in a post that the Chairman’s plans with the Novacom saga was thwarted by Mr. Whittaker and kids, and that is who Morrie seems to be targeting. Now, lets talk about more evidence behind this theory. In Further From the Truth, Emily goes on an Imagination station adventure, because of a box that had Imagination Station technology. Marisa on AIO Audio news stated that it gave her vibes of the novabox and mind control, which are a big part in the Novacom saga. The phrase Ignoratio Elenchi, which if you don’t know is a phrase that Bob Hoose told me when I requested hints about Morrie. The interesting fact that ties this in with Novacom, is that it means Red Herring. That is an episode name in the Novacom saga, And plays a somewhat important role in the arc. Please tell me in the comments what you think about this theory, and if you have anymore evidence of it happening or not. Also, after I publish this post, I’ll be making a chat page on this blog, so after you finish this article, hop on over there to talk about anything and everything Odyssey!

Signed, I cant think of something to type here

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Spoiler warning for Further From the Truth! Don’t read it you don’t want to be spoiled!!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaat just happened. FFTT… What????? Garrett, if your reading this, you were partly right about the next one being a fake mystery. It wasn’t quite the same so, at least that makes it a bit better. When I started to listen to it, first I was disappointed that there wasn’t a parental warning. The episode was fine, and got even more hype when they said Matthew was being held by that guy in A Sacrificial Escape. I was worried that it was a fake mystery, and I was right. The mystery was to reunite Matthew and Emily. Before the, I guess it was an Imagination Station adventure ended, it was revealed that it was a fake mystery, and I was like, no no nonononononononononon no no please no. Then I got so confused when Emily said end adventure, and talked about how the mystery was strange. Also Lee, from AIO Audio News, if you’re reading this, then was this the mystery that was stated in the description of that album? The fake mystery? Any ways, I was so confused at this point. Also, wasn’t the scene where Morrie said he was good with numbers in the program? Maybe he put that there to lead Emily to connect him with the voice while the Chairman will be doing those evil deeds?!? OK, I’m going on speculations now. After the adventure ended, it showed the source of the adventure. When I heard about it, my first thoughts were on Novacom. And then came the scene with Morrie and Suzu! This did nothing to advance the plot! I feel this whole episode didn’t really advance the plot either! The Odyssey team could of made Mr. Whittaker change the audio and find it was Morrie to move the plot along! I’ve been waiting for this episode for a few months, and then it was put at the end of the album!!! And then it gave us this! If they put this episode as the first one, and then put a more substantial one at the end, I’d be a lot happier. But alas, this episode didn’t live up to my expectations. You can be sure of more speculations coming up. How did you like the episode? I got to go listen to it again and make more speculations

Signed, disappointed

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One more day…

One more day until Further From the Truth is released! The Chairman is the boss behind Morrie. I’m calling it right now. Shout out to Marisa for making me believe this theory even more. She posted a comment on AIO Audio News, (which you should check out) saying that Ignoratio Elenchi also means red herring, which is a title of a Novacom episode, which ties in with the Chairman! Red Herring also played some part in the saga. Maybe something to do with AREM? I forgot. And also, I agree with Lee (The founder of AIO Audio News), about Garrett’s comment saying that he thinks the next few albums will be filled with fake mysteries. I really hope that doesn’t happen. I just hopes this episode lives up to my expectations, unlike Emily not living up to Morrie’s expectations. I feel like FFTT will be another episode with a parental warning. Anyways, tomorrow is the big day! You can be sure I’m reviewing it soon. What are you’re speculations? I’d love to hear them in the comments!

Signed, a hyped guy