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Blog Post

Finally. it’s here.

Again sorry for not posting 😂 I have been busy, but I hope to post.

If you guys have any suggestions for the blog, please say in the comments! In the coming weeks I WILL be posting more. I promise

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Inactive AGAIN

slap me please

I hope to be more active XD

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The Results (finally)

At long last, the results! I’m very sorry for the delay. The winner of the blogger competition is… AIO Audio News! Lee, If your reading this, please email me what album you would like for a prize. Once more, I’m very sorry for all of this.

Also, be expecting the fan art results soon as well!


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I’m sorry guys. There have been 2 competitions that have ended. I have been busy lately, and I have been interested in other thigs other than AIO. I will post the Blogger Competition results tomorrow, and get the fan art comp done asap. Again, sorry about all of this.

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I have to postpone the results 1 or 2 more days because someone couldn’t send it in. Sorry about this.

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Go to These Amazing Websites!

Today I’ll show you guys some amazing AIO Podcasts/Websites!

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[extra] What if Morrie Was Right?

AIO Audio News

Please comment on this and share it with every Odyssey / Rydell fan you know. I really want to hear your thoughts on it.

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Rydell Revelations…

On my goodness. I have such mixed feelings with this episode. I’d love to reveal what I think, but I’d do that better in a podcast. If someone sees this that wants to co-host my podcast, that would be great. I’ll figure out the best way how to tell everyone my feelings about this episode.

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I’m back

Ok, I’m very sorry for not posting in a while. But I decided I have to because it’s 2 DAYS FROM RYDELL REVELATIONS PART 1!!!! I am hyped. There is also apparently a lot of new information, that I haven’t been informed on. I’ve been really busy lately, so sorry for not posting. *smh*. Anyways, yeah. Rydell Revelations part 1. I WILL do a review on it a day or two after it’s release. Also, I want to make an Odyssey podcast! But… I don’t have a co-host. If anyone is interested, please tell me! Also, I’ll try to schedule another discord meeting, to talk about RR 1!

Oh yeah, just one more thing.


PLEASE don’t be a fake mystery

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Fan Fiction update

I’m going to try to reveal the winner today, but I think I may wait 1 more day to let people send in the entries. It will be today or tomorrow tho