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An Odyssey Theory

We (probably) all know of this photo by now. A weird thing that this picture has is Morrie holding something, but the thing is hidden by the head that looks like a sticker. It looks as if it's a popsicle stick. If this is part of the cover of album 69, than there probably won't … Continue reading An Odyssey Theory

Knight’s Scheme Cover and Description

Thanks to Naomi for the info! The scheming Dr. Regis Blackgaard continues his fevered pursuit of the Applesauce program and access to Whit’s End. This time, on a trip to Chicago, Whit and Connie get caught up in a dangerous mystery involving a stolen laptop, the Department of Defense, and some familiar (but not very … Continue reading Knight’s Scheme Cover and Description

Is Blackgaard behind Novacom?

Check out my first post on adventures in opinions! Also, to check out the rest of the blog, it’s awesome!

A few days ago, JaySmouse wrote a post about why Dr. Blackgaard is still alive. He also theorized that he is behind Novacom. Does this story have merit though?

In favor

he definitely could have (and probably did) survive the explosion to die or be arrested while working on some other plan to take over the world. Novacom maybe?


Well, the question is, does the Chairman have someone behind him. The two options in that case are Blackgaard, or some anonymous character. Even if he’s not alive, he could still be behind it. Maybe he planned it, but died, so the Chairman took over. We may never know

Not in favor

On the bonus scene on the Novacom saga compilation, the writers state that they had plans, or thoughts of making him behind it. They knew he was dead though, and cut him from the story.

So, what do…

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