New episode!

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88?: Playing Favorites:

Wyatt resorts to using extraordinary methods when he uses a lie detector to show his sister Bridget how much he misses hanging out with her

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Names for episodes!

Odyssey Nerd reminded me that the names for the episodes in Album 68 should be released, but they havent! The only ones revealed are Further From the Truth and three unnamed ones. But a episode in Album 69 has been revealed! It’s called Jumping off, Jumping in. There are names of season 7 Club episodes! They are, Breaking News, Bridget Redefined, Cars, Trains, and Motorcycles, Millstones, Out of Her Element, Teach a Man, The Forever Gift, The Martyr and the Rooster, Unsinkable parts 1 and 2, And Young Whit and the Revolutionary Secret!

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??? 2

Hello everybody! Today I’ll tell you the most exciting thing in AIO history! Morrie is… *We interrupt this blog post 📪 to give you an important report* The world’s biggest ball of yarn has been stolen by Dorkus Finklebober! The biggest crime of the year. Also the Nazis have collaborated with the Illuminati to take over the world, but that’s not as important. *We now return to your scheduled blog post 📪*

So, what do you guys think? Tell me your speculations in the comments! It’s amazing that Odyssey would make Morrie’s father *We interrupt this blog post again for more news because, why not.* A giant pumpkin is wrapping every one in the rope of the largest ball of yarn! Evil scientists Joe Finglet figglebingkebobberjerry and Red Joe Bob have helped Dorkus Finklebober in this scheme. Also, the Nazis and the Illuminati, who now call themselves The Illuminazi have taken over the world and now are on the verge of destroying the universe, but whatevs.

The news is INSANE! I’m glad I got to share it with you!

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It’s ya boi again (finally)

Hey! it’s been a month since my last post, so sorry for that but today I have some news! “The Morning Star” will be released on the Club in two days! That leaves “Lifted out of Context” as the last club episode, so unless some thing changes, that will be the December Club episode. Outside of Odyssey, Halloween is coming up tomorrow! Next post (hopefully) soon. Maybe if you bug me in the comments I’ll make one soon.

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Finally a new post!

Finnaly!!! There hasn’t been too much news about Odyssey, so maybe I’ll do some review posts, or other random posts. Put your ideas in the comments! Anyways, the episode “Icky and Kat and Balty and Bones” (or is it “Icky, Kat and Balty and Bones”?) Is released. More posts coming soon!

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Some… Late News (sorry)

Ok. I should be more on top of things. I SHOULD, but sometimes I don’t. School’s back on so maybe I’ll post more on the weekends! So, here’s the news. Wait, before that, I completely forgot to give Melissa (The winner of my competition) the the drawing of Eugene! *smh*… Sorry bout’ dat. I’ll send that to you! Now, the news.

New Episode titles and descriptions!

Album 68 episodes:

88?: Untitled Basset Episode: Penny and Wooton have a wonderful surprise to share when her parents come for a visit-if they can ever find the right time to tell them.

88?: Untitled By Jillian Episode: When Connie’s roommate Jillian sets out to find a job, the hunt takes her all over town. But weather it’s destroying a window at Tripple J Antiques, causing chaos at Odyssey General Hospital, or trying her hand at meteorology, she just can’t catch a break. Will she ever find the perfect fit for her unique skills?

88? Untitled Perkins Family Episode: Wyatt resorts to using extraordinary methods when he uses a lie detector to show his sister Bridget how much he misses hanging out with her.

88?: Further From the Truth: Morrie appeared in this episode. YES!!!

Club Episodes:

8??: The Morning Star

8??: Breaking News

8??: Cars, Trains, and Motorcycles: Whit, Connie, Eugene and Wooton head to Chicago. What’s their mission? Who’s driving? And why is Whit… Loopy? (I think this episode will be published on April 1st, 2020 because of April Fools. Don’t quote me on this)

8??&8??: Unsinkable, parts 1&2: Aided by Whit and Emily, (Not Matthew. He quit detective work. ;( This Isn’t part of the description btw) Jason tries to make sense of clues related to an old piano (I play piano! Sorry, getting off topic) found at Whit’s End. It leads to a powerful retelling of events on the Titanic.

8??: Millstones: Mr. Whittaker uses the room of consequence to help young people calibrate their model compasses.

8??: Out of Her Element: When Renee needs help in chemistry. She’s paired with an unlikely tutor. Disney’s accident-prone lab assistant, Horus. Meanwhile, Jay is eating his way across Odyssey (including Whit’s End) by posing as a sophisticated online food critic.

Well, that’s all folks!

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Cover for album 68!

Hello everyone! To day I have something exiting to show you, the cover art for album 68!


what’s going on in the picture? I think that’s double L Jillian double L Marshall in the picture. What’s she doing? I think she’s making a show of something. What ever she’s doing, Connie and whoever is next to her doesn’t seem to enjoy it.

Thanks to ASmouseInTheHouse for telling me this information!

Peace Odyssey Lovers!