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New Information about Album 74 and Beyond

A few storylines from 28 Hours will be continued in the future, but multi part stories like 28 Hours won’t be happening in the next few albums. Jason and Jillian don’t even appear in album 74, so there is no continuation of the story in this upcoming album. The Odyssey team hasn’t even decided when the Chairman will return again but “It should be fewer than 20 years until we see him again.”

In other news, episode 1000 is being talked about, but there is no information about it now. The Odyssey team hopes to have an announcement this fall or winter about it.

Eugene “will be addressed, though it may not be as soon as listeners are expecting”. This is very interesting. I wonder if they do have a plan to send him off, but it won’t be for a little while it look like. I’m not sure what Eugene is doing in Album 74 though, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Let me know your thoughts on all this information in the comments!

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Album Art for Album 74 Revealed

The album art for Album 74 has been revealed!

It is titled “Buckle Up!” which is very interesting. I don’t like how much it sounds like Buckles though. It will air on Spring of 2023, and December 15 on the club. Eugene is in the cover art which is very odd. I’m not sure what they’re going to do with him. I really hope that they don’t replace Will Ryan, but who knows. The Jules art feels off to me, and Connie looks like a teenager to me, but it’s not a big deal. Renee and Horus will both be making their debut in this album. There is a story about a scientific breakthrough that involves the imagination station that Renee and presumably Horus will be involved in. There is another story focusing on Olivia’s spiritual journey, one about Buck and Jules having their friendship endangered, and one about Morrie and Suzu *gag* trying to make new friends. I wish they were going in a different direction with this but whatever, I’ve lost all hope for Morrie and Suzu a while ago. One more story about Wooton facing a courtroom struggle against an old friend. I’m curious if it will actually be a old character returning but I can’t think of any candidates off the top of my head.

I have some other information about what’s coming in the future that I will be sharing soon! I would like to hear your thoughts on all of this new information in the comments!

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Two Episode Titles From Album 74

Two episode titles from the upcoming album 74 are “Renee Renewed” Which will be the first episode not in a club episode with Renee in it, and “Value in the Process” Which will apparently be a Rydell episode. Apparently this has been known for a few months already but I’m behind on the news.

I’m looking forward to seeing how they handle Renee’s introduction to the main albums. I’m not too excited about anything having to do with Morrie, so we’ll see how that goes. I was hoping Album 74 would be an extension of 28 Hours, but it doesn’t look that way. I hope they at least put some episodes in about it similar to the start of Novacom where they put a couple of Novacom episodes here and there, but not a full album dedicated to it.

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Album 74 Reveal on Wednesday

On Wednesday, the cover and title for album 74 will be revealed. Stay tuned, I will be analyzing it when it releases, and will also be updating you all whenever news drops!

This is basically a filler post to say that after a long hiatus, I’m back! And for good this time.

News, reviews, and more coming soon!

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Final Album 72 Summary Released

The final Album 72 summary has been released and reads as follows:

Just as Buck Oliver is finally settling into a comfortable life in Odyssey, an out-of-the-blue message arrives that may lead him far from home. Buck’s father left behind more of a history than anyone suspected. Could a map from the past determine Buck’s future?

On another life-changing journey, Olivia has a new imaginary friend – a philosopher named Leonid – who is smart, interesting, and so talkative. Olivia is now doubting everything and everyone. Will her relationships with the folks at Whit’s End be broken? Will Leonid’s deception convince Olivia to abandon her faith once and for all?

Futures hang in the balance as friendships and families face incredible challenges in Adventures in Odyssey Album 72: The Long Road Home.

For more Adventures in Odyssey content check out my own blog, Adventures in Opinions:

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Odyssey Central Launched

I’ve looked around Odyssey Central a little bit, and it’s amazing! It’s launched today at I’m looking forward to the Odyssey Player

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The Lost One, Parts 1 and 2 to Release Early

According to an article published in the Adventures in Odyssey Club, The Lost One, Part 1 will be releasing early in the club, on October 26th. Part 2 will release the next day.

That’s all for now.

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Odyssey Central to Launch November 1st

We’re back again for the second time today with another short tidbit of news.

As some of you may know, an AIO fan who goes by the name of Eugene has worked on The Town of Odyssey message boards. What you may not know is that he’s also been at work on a website to tie together all of an Odyssey fan’s essentials. It’s called Odyssey Central, and, from what we here at the AIO Insider know about it, it will list links to AIO blogs along with their RSS feeds as well as letting you listen to Odyssey fan (and official) podcasts in the web app! This feature has not been officially announced, but we’d love to see it connecting to the Club API and allowing Club subscribers to log into their account and listen to AIO episodes inside of Odyssey Central.

Today the website, located at, displays a message announcing that it will (re-)launch November 1st. This is exciting news, so keep checking back.

Jay: It’s me here again. I definitely want to cover this website more in-depth, perhaps in one of my fan content reviews, on Adventures in Opinions.

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EXCLUSIVE: ScoopCast to Return

On Sunday, October 10th of 2021, Michael LaFaver reported that he planned to bring back The Adventures in Odyssey ScoopCast. Weekly episodes are to begin releasing this Sunday, according to a message the AIO Insider team received from LaFaver early this morning. Episodes are scheduled to release every week, something that the ScoopCast has rarely managed to achieve with episodes often releasing late due to the high level of production that goes into them compared to other Odyssey podcasts.

The podcast will be hosted by Timmy Baze, Michael LaFaver, and Ryan Matlock. After questioning Michael as to whether previous hosts would come back to make regular appearances we were told that only the aforementioned people planned to take part in the podcast. Of course, if Kevin McCreary or one of the other former hosts wanted to make a one-off appearance on the show, they would probably be welcomed. We have yet to receive word on whether or not Garrett Vandenberg plans to join for these weekly episodes.

Jay: Stay tuned for a post on Adventures in Opinions; I have something in the works. If you want a post with more opinions on the ScoopCast‘s return, I could write something on there about this topic as well.

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Episode Summaries and Club News

The episode summaries, along with the actual full episodes, for The Team and Please Adjust Your Frequency have been released on the Adventures in Odyssey Club.

When Emily Jones discovers that Cooper Calhoun is being blackmailed by a faceless hacker, she reluctantly recruits two people who she knows could help – Morrie and Suzu Rydell.

The Team

Buddy Norman, Zoe Grant, and Jay Smouse create a radio play for a school project, but each of them has a wildly different idea about how the story should end.

Please Adjust Your Frequency

In other news, a new mini devotional has been released on the Adventures in Odyssey Club. I goes along with the episodes in the special collection “Camp on It” and is titled Full Speed Ahead!.

With guidance from Whit and the gang, you’ll learn about repentance, prayer, Bible study, the resurrection, God’s will, and a whole lot more. 

AIOC Blog Post

In more Club releases, a small colouring book going with the “Fruit of the Spirit” collection has been released on the AIOC Blog. It features colour-in versions of Club episode artwork, as well as a colouring sheet based on the cover of the “The Blackgaard Chronicles” compilation album and some art never before seen on album covers.

yay, I’ve reached day 30 of consecutive posts on Adventures in Opinions!