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Hey y’all! Today… “Squawk! Polly wants a cracker!” Oh, that’s my parrot, Polly. I better go give her a cracker. She gets pretty mean if I dont “SQUAWK!” See what I mean… “Polly wants a cracker, NOW!!!! SQUAWK!” OK. I’ll be right back.

“Ouch! What? AUGGH!!! MONKEY!!!” Whew! I’m glad that’s over. A monkey somehow got in the house! Anyway… *CRASH!* What’s that? Wait, Is that Paul Revere? “THE REDCOATS ARE COMING! THE REDCOATS ARE COMING!” *CRASH!* Yikes! Wonder how he got here. *mmmmmmmmm………* What’s that noise? It sound like humming. And it’s getting louder! *BOOM!* Yikes! My roof just blew up! And what’s that in my front yard? A UFO? And what’s that green thing… Oh no, it’s a-a-a-a “Take me to your leader”.


*We interrupt this program to give special news.*

“Ronald is in Whit’s End right now, and it’s crowded! Ronald, what’s happening there?”

Well Bob, Whit has made a new invention called the “Saturation Station”. It’s a machine that is changing the world of agriculture as we know it! Farmers from around the world are going there to try it out, and boy are there a lot of farmers in the world! Everyone there is having Ice cream too, and since there are so many people, Whit has to resort to Cucumber icecream! Back to you, Bob.”

“Thanks Ronald. Tune in next time for more random stuff!”

*And now back to your scheduled program*

Well I got rid of the alien! I happened to have a flamethrower lying on my kitchen floor! Now, finally for the news! I… “Grrr…” What was that? Oh no. Don’t tell me. BEAR!!!

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AIO Podcasts

Today I’ll be sharing some AIO podcasts!

If you have any podcasts you’d like to share, comment on the comments!

And until next time,

Peace out ✌

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Odyssey Podcast?

Hey everyone! I’m thinking about starting a podcast! Could you please take this quick poll so I know if you want me to or not.

If you have any ideas like the title of the podcast, or what I should talk about, please tell me in the comments below. This doesn’t mean I’m going to make a podcast, though I want to, and I might!

Peace out ⏸⏹⏺

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Extra: Wooton’s Middle Name

Wooton’s middle name starts with a “Z”. What could it be? Wooton Zucchini Bassett? What are you’re ideas?

Peace out ✌

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Word Limit

Sorry for the late rule, but the limit of words in the fan fiction is up to 500.

Peace out ✌

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A Little More Information

The “Push the Red Button (Live)” live show will be released on the Club on June 25, 2019.

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An Odyssey Theory

Why is Whit timeless? How does he not age? Here’s a theory I have. Probably most of you know about the Imagination Station. It’s a place where kids can experience the past. But what if that wasn’t the only reason why Whit created it? What if what Whit created was a Time machine? That’s how Whit is timeless! He does it so that he can run Whit’s End for ever! There is a flaw with this theory though. If it’s a time machine, then Whit could only experience things that happened, unless he programmed it somehow to never age. Or maybe he’ll just live to be 423 years old.

But hey, that’s just a theory.

An Odyssey theory!

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Competition Prize

The winner of the fan fiction competition will have their fan fiction posted on this blog. (If he or she wants me to). I’ll also email the winner an original drawing of Eugene!

Good luck to who enters! 🏆🏅🏆

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Birds and Butterflies

Happy Memorial day AIO fans! Today I have a special post for y’all! Here’s what’s going to happen. I will talk about my day, (The title gives a hint about it). I will talk about some things that are coming up on the blog, and more!

The Chirping Jeep

I was happily making a raccoon out of clay, when my dad told me the Jeep was chirping! We went out to the garage, and I heard it. Later on, he found some twigs in it, so he thought there was a nest with chicks in it! As of right now, the birds aren’t out of it, but I hope they will be soon. Here’s a video.

The Hatching Butterflies

Today, some butterflies hatched! Here’s a picture of one.

Clay Models

I mentioned me making a clay raccoon. Here are some pictures.

Things Coming up

I hope to get an email from Nathan Hoobler soon. I also might make something like “Fiction Fryday” in the future.


How was your Memorial day? Hope you enjoyed the post, and as always,

Peace out 🤑

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Extra: Competition Poll