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Poll For New Odyssey Arc

So you might be asking, what are we voting for? Well, the idea was proposed by a faithful follower GabrielMatthew. Me, and many others already agree with this. Here is the idea:

Man, I kind of hope they bring all this up in a future story arc, where Whit’s End has to be shut down. I think that’d be a good storyline for a six parter. Seriously, I think this is Album 75 here.


Basically, I made a post called “Odyssey In A Nutshell”, and in it, I said that Whit’s End has a knack for some “situations” that should make parents concerned. Go to the last post for more context. Anyways, If this gets 100 yes’s, I will be telling that to Nathan himself. Please share this, re-blog, or do anything possible to get this to 100 likes!


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Another Poll

Sorry guys, I didn’t have much inspiration to make a post today, but I will make longer ones in the future! Well, here’s the poll.

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Lets say you can only choose ONE thing. Choose carefully, or the ones you didn’t choose will NOT be in the episode. I’m curious to see what you would choose, and what you would be fine with NOT in the episode

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Extra: Random Poll

Hey! Today I have a strange poll! And just a reminder, the fan fiction competition will end on July 5th.

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Extra: Theme Song Poll

I know there are more than these, but these ones are the ones that have not changed for a while, (beside little changes. (I think)) so basically just a more broad view of the songs than little view. 





Peace out ✌

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Odyssey Podcast?

Hey everyone! I’m thinking about starting a podcast! Could you please take this quick poll so I know if you want me to or not.

If you have any ideas like the title of the podcast, or what I should talk about, please tell me in the comments below. This doesn’t mean I’m going to make a podcast, though I want to, and I might!

Peace out ⏸⏹⏺

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Extra: Competition Poll

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Extra: Villain Poll