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Odyssey In A Nutshell

In a small nice town called Odyssey, there are good people, and a place where kids like to go called Whit’s End. Every few years, there is some mind controlling organization trying to take over the world. Whit’s End, a place where hundreds of kids go has a knack for strange things happening, such as kidnapping, kids threatening other kids that if they don’t escape, then no oxygen, Vandalism, Weird mummies in basements that connect to old murders, and more! The kids parents for some reason don’t care about these happenings, and let their kids stay there!


I love Adventures in Odyssey, love Odyssey blogs, love cats, love piano, love Warrior Cat books, Love family trees, and love working on my blog!

5 thoughts on “Odyssey In A Nutshell

  1. Yep. Pretty much.
    Man, I kind of hope they bring all this up in a future story arc, where Whit’s End has to be shut down. I think that’d be a good storyline for a six parter. Seriously, I think this is Album 75 here.

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