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A Question For You!

Notice: Thank you for noticing this notice. Your noticing has been noted as a note in my notebook.

Hey all! Sorry for not posting a while. There hasn’t been any AIO news lately. Do you have any suggestions for this blog? Or anything that I should change on it? Your thoughts about this won’t go unnoticed. Also, does anyone know about “The Dusty Episodes”? It was an April Fool’s joke on The ToO. Hmm… I’ll have to search for that.

Peace out πŸ‘‚πŸ‘πŸ‘ƒπŸ‘πŸ‘‚


I love Adventures in Odyssey, love Odyssey blogs, love cats, love piano, love Warrior Cat books, Love family trees, and love working on my blog!

7 thoughts on “A Question For You!

  1. Start doing episode reviews! I’d love to see your thoughts! Maybe if you could review “Tales of Moderation” or “The Power of One”; I’ve always thought what people think of those episodes.

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    1. Do you have the AIO Official Guide? If so, then just flip through the pages to find the Dusty Episodes. If not, then please look at my comment on the earlier blog post.

      By the way, thanks a bunch to Riley Davidson for mentioning what I commented! You are the best, but for myself this makes you even better!

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