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Competition Update

Sorry again for not posting in a few days. I have an update for the competition! I may extend the deadline if there are no more entities. How are y’all doing on it? Also, does any of you know of any new information that I missed?

Peace out ✌


I love Adventures in Odyssey, love Odyssey blogs, love cats, love piano, love Warrior Cat books, Love family trees, and love working on my blog!

6 thoughts on “Competition Update

  1. I already had two shorter fanfiction stories written up and was hoping to enter, but unfortunately, I just realized they are both double the word limit… are you really strict on that rule?

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      1. Phew! Thanks! One is 1382 and the other is 1641. They are both pretty short though. Hopefully I’ll get one sent in before the deadline ^-^


  2. Um, the album, “For God and Country”, is going to be released on July 1st, and on the 9th is going to have album 67, “More than Meets the Eye.” Plus, the episode, “All for the Guest”, will be released on July 1st. Only on the Adventures in Odyssey Club.

    Just giving you a head’s up!

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