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{Extra} Involvement

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve been enjoying around 2 posts every day! I hope to keep it up. (Until school starts at least). This post is about the blog. First, I need to give a huge shout out to everyone who has supported this blog. It really means a lot to me. Anyways, I wanted to talk about improvements on this blog. I’ve been trying some different layouts for the blog, but I want to find the best one. Also, please tell me if there is anything to inprove upon. I’ll gladly take any criticism you’ve got. I want to make this site the most enjoyable it can.


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Odyssey Fan Art Competition!

Hello everyone! Today I’m announcing the first fan art competition on this blog!

This is pretty self-explanatory. Here’s the rules:

*It has to be about AIO

*Deadline for entries is September 1st

*The winner will be announced on September 3rd

That’s pretty much it! Please share this to get as much entries as possible! Don’t worry if you’re good or bad, just give it a shot! Please comment below or message me via my contact page. Have fun and, happy drawing!


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“Badges of Honor” Review

Welcome to, I think the first (or one of the first) reviews of my blog! I need to do more of these, as it gives more content to put out there for you guys! Please tell me what you think of this episode!

Starting off, Olivia and Zoe are doing some medical practice. I really like how while Olivia is talking, Zoe keeps saying things like “My head’s still bleeding” and “Aaannd, I just died”. I’d say the acting in this scene is really…good… (only I would make a Morrie pun in an episode that has nothing to do with him) I have to say though, the Marcy’s giggling in the background was really disturbing. In the next scene there isn’t really anything to say. The next scene has the girls decorating (or trying to) the cake. I feel like the acting was a little more poor than the first scene, but overall it was solid. The next scene I don’t have much to say. They jump to the conclusion that the Marcy’s sabotaged their frosting (which I’ll get to later). The only other thing I’ll say about this scene is that I loved when Buck said “Fishing is a quiet activity” when the girls were being noisy. The next scene, and they assumed it was the Marcy’s that sabotaged their boat. Again, I’ll get to that later. The next scene they are taking care of Sparky (the dog) and loose him. I feel like the acting in this scene was less notable. After that, nothing really of note I have to say other than Buck’s acting was good. The next scene Sparky gets hit. The acting was good again, but not the best. I feel so bad for Sparky! I feel really bad for Buck as well. Then, Whit reveals the Marcy’s did sabotage the boat and cake. The thing I was talking about before was that Olivia and Zoe jumped to conclusions. Even though they were right in the end, they shouldn’t of blamed anyone. Anyways, Sparky is fine, but his leg was amputated.

That’s pretty much it! Please tell me if I need to work or improve anything in the future! I hope to review more in the future! Also tell me in the comments if you liked this episode or review! I would probably give it a 4/5 or 4.5/5. I also want to get a good rating system soon. Thanks for reading, and have a great day!


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The Rydell Saga, Unveiled


Long have we wondered about the deeds of Morrie Rydell. Long have we waited to know his evil plans. What if I told you he doesn’t have any. What if I told you he was good… Please check out to hear Lee talk about this bombshell. It is a huge bombshell. We thought we knew everything about Morrie. We thought we got him all figured out, but we don’t. Everything we thought the past 4 years might be false. That’s what this post is about. This post is unraveling everything about Morrie in a new light. This subject is very interesting, so bear with me through my discussion about the illusive character known as Morrie…

Morrie is the good guy. We are the bad guys

Since 2016, fans have speculating on this new kid called Morrie Rydell. Our instincts screamed “Bad Guy” from the moment he came on the show. Why? His villain monologue from the Writers Ruse for instance. “I have to admit. They were good. It was a risk to show them a page of my playbook like that, but it was worth it to see if they could keep up with me. And, of course, they couldn’t. No one could. I shouldn’t of expected that anyone would be that good. Not in this town.” By that, isn’t it obvious that he’s the bad guy? On the official podcast, Phil stated that the plan for Morrie was changed. That could of happened after the Writers Ruse. I we go off of that basis, there is still a chance for him to be the good guy. Like Morrie said, he’s trying to bring out the good in people. Isn’t that good? Why would a bad guy do that? In the title I said we are the bad guys. Why? For judging Morrie. Emily judged him as well. We came to the conclusion that he was bad, and so did Emily. We came to that conclusion, maybe because the way he talks, or somethings he did, but what are his real intentions?

Morrie and Suzu aren’t perfect

By no means am I stating they are perfect. Suzu steals things, and Morrie hacked into a computer to help her! The escape room wasn’t the best idea, to make them think they were going to die! Whit knew about this all along, and he played along with it. He allowed the escape room to happen without telling Emily his concerns prior. Like Whit said in part 3, “I should of stepped in sooner”. But isn’t what Morrie and Suzu did good? Emily learned valuable lessons from the incidents. What I’m trying to say is that Morrie and Suzu aren’t perfect. They still need to be punished.

What is the proper punishment?

Like I just stated, they need to be punished, but what is the proper punishment? Jail? Or is it something more minor? Take the escape room for instance. Whit says, “You’ve trespassed, tamped with property, held people captive, and broken a few other laws I’m sure.” Does this mean jail? Ohio state law says the punishment for a felony is jail. But Whit knew about it the whole time! Like I said, he played along with it. So is jail the punishment? Non the less, they still need to be punished in some way.

What should Emily’s response be to this?

After all the events that have happened, Emily has been left kind of messed up. Should she be thanking Morrie and Suzu or not? On one hand, Morrie did hold Emily captive, but on the other hand, he did give Emily valuable lessons from it. He did bring out the good in people. In my opinion, Emily should forgive them, but they should know that some of the things they did were wrong.


What do you guys think about this? Please tell me if there is anything I missed, or any holes in what I said. I want more discussion on this subject, so if you could, reblog or share this post, and Lee’s. Please tell me your thoughts in the comments. I’ll leave you guys with this. You know the picture for album 69? It depicts Morrie taking off his “good” mask if you will, and showing his evil side. What if I told you this. Morrie is putting on the good mask. We have all misjudged Morrie Rydell. We all thought he was bad, but he wasn’t all along.

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Another Poll

Sorry guys, I didn’t have much inspiration to make a post today, but I will make longer ones in the future! Well, here’s the poll.

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And the Winner is…

The winner of the Fan Fiction Competition is…


Here’s her entry.


It was a bright and sunny day when I finally returned to Odyssey. I drove my old clunker of a truck through the streets fondly, recognizing the old businesses whose windows I’d washed and remembering the people who’d owned them. Just ahead—at the end of the street on the edge of McAlister Park—sat the building I most wanted to see—Whit’s End. The old building looked the same as ever. It was an old Victorian style house. It looked similar to a pile of wooden building blocks dumped randomly on the floor with towers and high sloping roofs. Children played outside, enjoying the bright sunshine while families went in and out of the friendly double doors. I carefully edged my truck alongside the road by the sidewalk and shifted the gear to park. Taking my keys, I swung the door open and stepped out onto the familiar footing. I was surprised at how normal it felt, despite the many years I had been gone. For once I was grateful for the Walton Family Reunion as it allowed me to revisit my old stomping grounds. Since Maude and I had moved to Florida, things had felt a little empty. I took a breath, stuck out my chin and strode towards the front door. I hadn’t told anyone that I would be in town. They’ll be surprised alright. I pushed open the door quietly as to not cause a disturbance. Ah… that beautiful bell. It tinkled cheerfully as the door moved. Whit’s End was a flurry of activity. Children were everywhere. Some sat on the barstools at the counter, sipping sodas or devouring sundaes. Others sat with their families in booths along the wall, laughing together as they ate their ice cream. In a corner booth, I noticed Wooton Bassett, my old mailman. While annoying most of the time, he was a good friend. He wore the same blue Moose Mail uniform that I had been so used to seeing, indicating he was detouring his route. His fiery red—and very curly—hair sat smooshed under a cap that lay lopsided on his head. He sat across from a young, blonde-haired woman with thick framed glasses. Despite the sweltering heat outside, she wore a sweater and a fuzzy hat. Interesting that Wooton had a lady friend… I decided to ask about her later. I strode to the counter and took a seat on one of the empty stools, a mischievous smile on my face. Eugene Meltsner hurried over to take my order. He didn’t recognize me yet. I blinked in mild surprise at the sight of him, however. After all these years, he finally cut his hair. I noticed for the first time that his eyes were periwinkle blue.
“Greetings and salutations kind sir! Welcome to Whit’s End! How may I be of assistance?”
I broke into a grin at Eugene’s standard method of greeting. Despite his new look, that boy hadn’t changed a bit.
“Well, Eugene,” I drawled, “you can start by getting me a Wod-Fam-Choc-Sod.” I can see the wheels turning in Eugene’s brain. He stared with his mouth opening and closing, no sound coming out.
“M-m-m-mi-mister Walton!!” He spluttered. I couldn’t help but laugh. His eyes bulged and his eyebrows rose so high they went past his—now higher—hairline. I reached over the counter and clapped him on the back
“Hey there Eugene! Nice to see you again.”
“Mister Walton!” He exclaimed again, his voice rising past his stuttering squeak. “You’re here! This is beyond believability! It’s been so long—”
A familiar voice came from behind the kitchen doors, “Who’s here?” 
The doors pushed open to reveal Connie Kendall, drying her wet hands with a dish towel. Her chestnut brown hair was pulled back in a messy ponytail and she wore a t-shirt and jeans. She glanced at Eugene and then towards where I sat at the counter. Her jaw dropped and the towel fell to the ground.
“BERNARD!!” In a flash she was beside me and gave me a huge hug, which I returned. “Bernard! I can’t believe it’s you! It’s been so long since I’ve seen you here! Why didn’t you call and tell us you were coming??” She released me and I took a deep breath. That girl could sure squeeze! 
I chuckled, “Well Connie, I was just passing through for a family reunion and I thought I’d drop in. Boy, this place hasn’t changed a bit! Except for the people.” I glanced pointedly at Eugene. By this time, curious bystanders had started to drift over towards the counter.
“Did you want to see Whit?” Connie asked, “He’s out on an errand but he should be back soon. Do you want me to give him a call? I should give him a call—”
I held up a hand, “No, no, no. Don’t call him Connie.” She shot me a questioning look and I saw Eugene raise an eyebrow. I smiled, “Don’t you think it will be better to surprise him?”
Connie pocketed her cell phone with a mischievous smile, “Yeah, I guess it would.”
“Meanwhile, can someone get going on my soda? I’m thirstier than a camel on a treadmill!” Eugene nodded enthusiastically.
“Of course, Mister Walton! Fear not, I, Eugene Meltsner, am on the job! You shall have your soda momentarily.” With that, he disappeared into the kitchen. I snorted. Yup. Eugene was definitely still Eugene. At least he didn’t lecture my on my sugar intake…
Suddenly an annoying, high-pitched, excited voice came from behind me. 
“Bernard! You’re back! Wow, it’s so great to see you again!” I turned to see Wooton Bassett beside me. Normally I would have groaned, but it’s been so long since I’ve seen him that I decided to go along with it.
“Hello Wooton, long time no see.” I said. I noticed the blonde girl had followed him and stood just behind him. I opened my mouth to ask about her when the floodgates suddenly opened and Wooton began talking again. Connie joined in and together they began telling me all the happenings in Odyssey since I’d left. I listened until they began babbling about some green ring and a carnival, then I tuned them out. It was a skill that took years of practice to master, but it came back easily. Eugene set a chocolate soda in front of me. I took a sip and focused on the shop’s front windows. To the commoner’s first look, they appeared quite clean. But my practiced eye from years of window washing could spot several smudged fingerprints. I stiffened. There was even a dusty spot left in the corner! Whoever had taken over my job was not a suitable replacement. I reminded myself to speak to Whit about that later when Connie’s shrill voice shattered my thoughts.
“Whit’s back! Everyone be quiet!” The shop quieted, so silent that you could hear a cat with mittens walk across a carpeted floor. Then, the little bell above the door sounded and in walked Whit. He had the same wild hair, the same glasses, and the same wisdom-filled gaze. He had slimmed down a lot since I’d last seen him. I cringed, realizing that the same probably would’ve happened to me if I’d been around Connie for too much longer. I groaned inwardly at the memory of Connie as my health instructor. Whit suddenly paused at the doorway, noticing all eyes were on him. His gaze traveled the room.
“What’s going on?” Then his eyes fell upon where I sat at the counter and his mouth fell open.
“Hiya Whit! It’s been a while!”
“Bernard!” Whit grinned. We hugged, slapping each other on the back. 
“Well stuff me with feathers and call me a pillow, Whit! You look great!” I said.
Whit laughed “So do you Bernard! Why didn’t you call and tell us you were coming?!”
“That’s what I said.” I heard Connie mumble.
“Well… I didn’t want to make too much of a big deal.”
“Too much of a big deal?” Connie exclaimed, “Bernard we haven’t seen you in forever! Of course this is a big deal!!”
I took a sip of my soda and grinned. By now, everyone was clustered in a group around me. Some were old friends, others, I didn’t recognize.
“How is life in Florida?” questioned Whit.
“Oh, it’s warm. Maude appreciates the pool. Not very many window jobs though. Speaking of which, Whit, who do you have doing your windows? I’d like to teach em’ a thing or two about window washing…” I end, muttering my dissatisfaction with the cleaning job.
“Oh! Bernard!” Connie spoke up suddenly, “There’s a bunch of people I want you to meet!” She waved to the girl behind Wooton, “Penny! Come here!”
I sipped my soda and raised an eyebrow, curious as to why Wooton followed Penny over.
“Bernard this is Penny!” Connie explained as I shook Penny’s hand. “She was my old roommate and—”
“My wife!” Wooton exclaimed, finishing for Connie. 
I choked on my soda and Eugene rushed to my side.
“Mister Walton! Do you require assistance? I have been trained and certified to administer the Heimlich maneuver!”
“No, no, no Eugene!” I shoved him away. I was just surprised. Scratch that, I was dumbstruck. Wooton? Married? I never would have believed that in a thousand years… well, maybe 20 years. I shook myself out of my thoughts, realizing they were waiting for my reply.
“Good for you Wooton.” I managed to stutter.
“Aw thanks Bernard!” Wooton said, giving Penny a hug. “I’m glad you finally got to meet my Penny!” 
Everyone began talking all at once. I glanced around the room. Only one person was missing: Tom. I remembered when I had received the news last year that Tom had passed away. It was a hard time for everyone. Memories flashed back of the times we had together: camping trips, fishing trips, and just talking to each other. Tom was a close friend, one of the closest I’ve ever had. I pushed away the sadness and glanced at my friends. Here we were once again. All together. I dreaded having to leave again for the reunion. I sat back in my chair and sipped my chocolate soda and shoved away the worry. No use in letting it spoil my time with friends. There was so much to catch up on!
“So, Whit, what have I missed?”

Thanks to all who entered into the contest! If you didn’t have a chance to enter, have no fear! I’ll be doing another one in the future! So stay tuned!

Also, happy late Fourth of July!

Peace out 🎖🎖🏅🏅🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏅🏅🏅🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖

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Hey y’all! Today… “Squawk! Polly wants a cracker!” Oh, that’s my parrot, Polly. I better go give her a cracker. She gets pretty mean if I dont “SQUAWK!” See what I mean… “Polly wants a cracker, NOW!!!! SQUAWK!” OK. I’ll be right back.

“Ouch! What? AUGGH!!! MONKEY!!!” Whew! I’m glad that’s over. A monkey somehow got in the house! Anyway… *CRASH!* What’s that? Wait, Is that Paul Revere? “THE REDCOATS ARE COMING! THE REDCOATS ARE COMING!” *CRASH!* Yikes! Wonder how he got here. *mmmmmmmmm………* What’s that noise? It sound like humming. And it’s getting louder! *BOOM!* Yikes! My roof just blew up! And what’s that in my front yard? A UFO? And what’s that green thing… Oh no, it’s a-a-a-a “Take me to your leader”.


*We interrupt this program to give special news.*

“Ronald is in Whit’s End right now, and it’s crowded! Ronald, what’s happening there?”

Well Bob, Whit has made a new invention called the “Saturation Station”. It’s a machine that is changing the world of agriculture as we know it! Farmers from around the world are going there to try it out, and boy are there a lot of farmers in the world! Everyone there is having Ice cream too, and since there are so many people, Whit has to resort to Cucumber icecream! Back to you, Bob.”

“Thanks Ronald. Tune in next time for more random stuff!”

*And now back to your scheduled program*

Well I got rid of the alien! I happened to have a flamethrower lying on my kitchen floor! Now, finally for the news! I… “Grrr…” What was that? Oh no. Don’t tell me. BEAR!!!

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An Odyssey Theory

Why is Whit timeless? How does he not age? Here’s a theory I have. Probably most of you know about the Imagination Station. It’s a place where kids can experience the past. But what if that wasn’t the only reason why Whit created it? What if what Whit created was a Time machine? That’s how Whit is timeless! He does it so that he can run Whit’s End for ever! There is a flaw with this theory though. If it’s a time machine, then Whit could only experience things that happened, unless he programmed it somehow to never age. Or maybe he’ll just live to be 423 years old.

But hey, that’s just a theory.

An Odyssey theory!